What We Do

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace, companies must constantly challenge and review their strategy. This requires the Board and the Company’s Management to step back from the daily routine and adopt a broader, long-term view of their business.

At Fisheye Consulting we help you and your business maintain growth, profitability, sustainability, and relevance in today’s challenging environment.

We work with all levels of your company, from the Board to the operational teams, in:

  • Designing strategies that are right for your company and supporting you in the implementation and monitoring of these strategies
  • Improving your company’s performance from financial, operational, and organisational angles
  • Building innovation platforms internally and in partnerships with others

We build close, trust-based relationships with our clients to advise and support them in the long-term



Knowing that implementing a strategy is as important as designing it, we work with the Board and the Management to

    • Perform in-depth analysis of a company’s current performance and identify levers for improvement
    • Make sense of a company’s economic, competitive, and regulatory environment and how they are evolving to inform future choices
    • Challenge and review the company’s Vision and Missions in a changing environment
    • Design strategies that are clear, focused, actionable, and aimed at long-term sustainability
    • Prepare roadmaps to implement these strategies, bringing all stakeholders on board
    • Implement the strategy and monitor its impact 


Recognising that the people who run the operations are generally the best placed to improve operational performance we work with people on the ground to:

    • Analyse operational performance from various angles: cost, quality, speed of delivery, quality
    • Identify levers for improvement from internal sources as well as external best-practices
    • Prioritise operational improvements to focus on quick-wins and high-impact actions
    • Design implementation plans and dashboards to put the improvements in motion and track their impact


Acknowledging that companies can only be as great as their people, we collaborate with management and HR departments to:

    • Review and adapt a company’s Governance model to make it resilient to changing times, more transparent and accountable
    • Design efficient and effective organisations; de-layer existing organisation and build structures with the right management levels and the right reporting spans
    • Clarify individual roles and responsibilities for management roles 
    • Design or adapt performance management systems and incentive schemes to align them on the company’s strategy and make them clear and transparent
    • Put in place systems to identify, attract, retain, and reward top talent. Design career path for talented individuals and prepare succession plans for key executives 


Realising innovation is key to business sustainability but is sometimes difficult to stimulate and manage, we work with organisations to

    • Help identify how technology can help a company improve the value it delivers to its client and streamline its processes
    • Build the internal structure that can support innovation, through R&D but also through scouting of external innovation sources/ ideas
    • Support companies in identifying and evaluating potential innovation partners
    • Build an approach to innovation that is based on prototyping and short time to market
    • Create an innovation culture that permeates the entire organisation


We serve a broad range of organisations, big and small, in a variety of sectors:



Financial and professional services




Logistics and transport


Recent Projects



Redesign the distribution strategy of an medium-size insurance company to ensure its relevance in the context of growing digitalisation of insurance distribution


Arabian Gulf

Support the merger between an Islamic and a conventional bank with a focus on product alignment, balance sheet conversion process and customer relationship management

Arts & Hospitality


Diagnose the performance of a small hotel, restaurant and art gallery and propose areas for profitability improvement



Build an innovation team tasked with sourcing (internally and externally) new innovative ideas and technology and coordinate their implementation (including partnership with Fintechs)


North Africa

Develop the business plan for a greenfield bank and support the implementation of this plan over a period of three years



Design a set of recommendations to focus the activities, streamline the organisation and improve the impact (access to funding, monitoring) of one of Belgium’s leading university’s Technology Transfer Office (aimed at identifying technologies that can be spun off into a Startup)



Assisted the CEO and management team of a small innovative chemical-manufacturing company identify key avenues for growth and focus its strategy



Assist the office of the regional minister of economy in identifying avenues to stimulate the growth of high potential SMEs through investment, provision of advisory services, training etc.