Restructure for growth
November 2021:

This paper, presented during a conference in Qatar co-hosted by Fisheye consulting, looks at company restructuring as a lever for renewed growth. It analyses several classical examples of company turnarounds, looks at the pre-World Cup situation of the Qatar economy and why it is the right time to think about restructuring local companies and provides a structured approach to company restructuring


Manufacturing White Paper
February 2022:

This white paper looks at the state of the manufacturing sector in Qatar and the key challenges it is facing. It argues that manufacturing companies that are willing to grow will need to address these challenges and looks at export markets to be able to sustain their business


Qatar Manufacturing webinar
March 2022:

Following the publication of the White Paper on Qatar’s manufacturing sector, this presentation expands on the challenges and opportunities for the sector and details specific approaches to address them


Localisation White Paper
May 2022:

This white papers looks at the challenges faced by recently localised businesses in Qatar as the import/export borders slowly reopen and the investments related to the World Cup slow down. It argues that, if they want to sustain themselves, local companies will need to seek increased competitiveness and expand their market reach