What We Do

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace, companies must constantly challenge and review their strategy. This requires the Board and the Company’s Management to step back from the daily routine and adopt a broader, long-term view of their business.

At Fisheye Consulting we help you and your business maintain growth, profitability, sustainability, and relevance in today’s challenging environment.

We work with all levels of your company, from the Board to the operational teams, in:


Designing and implementing strategies that are right for your company


Improving your company’s operational performance


Optimising your organisational structure and talent management


Building innovation platforms internally and in partnerships with others

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How We Work

We believe that successful strategies and transformations must be designed, owned, and executed by our clients and their management teams. Our advisory model is based on four core principles:



We advocate transparency and speak the truth. We believe in the power of facts and numbers. We tell you want you need to hear not what you want to hear



We leverage our broad network of advisors and industry experts to help you address your challenges, bring you industry and functional insights and tailor solutions that are unique to your company



We adopt a collaborative approach to our assignments, we assemble teams mixing our experts and your talent to jointly develop solutions to your challenges


Long-term relationship

We build close, trust-based relationships with our clients to advise and support them in the long-term. We assist you, not only in the design phase of the transformation but also in its execution, supporting you all the steps of the way.